100 + Attempts: Mountaineering Expeditions Pakistan

Pakistan has had a successful mountaineering seasons on the 8000m peaks in the Karakorum in 2007

In all there were 83 Expeditions to various permit peaks in Pakistan with 799 members on these expeditions. Noticeable was the changing trend with many expeditions attempting more than one peak during their stay. In 2007

    • Fourteen Expeditions attempted two peaks
    • One Expedition attempted three peaks
    • One Expedition attempted four peaks


These extra attempts were besides the 83 expeditions in total, crossing 100 figure for the seasons attempts.

It was a successful year on K2 (8611m) with 50 % of the 16 expedition successful in summiting it and a new route was created on the west wall by a Russian expedition led by Nickolay Totmjanin .

Nanga Parbat (8125 m) the killer mountain was without any casualties at all . All 5 expeditions were successful on it and a late winter expedition is now due.

On Broad peak( 8047m) it was the Golden Jublee year with 25 expeditions attempting it, 19 of them successful. First climbed by the Austrians in1957 it was the Austrian again now led by Gerfried Göschl ( of the Rainer mountaineers family ) that befittingly summited Broad Peak to celebrate the anniversary.

On the Gasherbrums it was all together a mix bag . On G1 (8068 m) with 6 out of the 10 expeditions successfully summiting but on G 11(8035 m) only 1 out of the 14 expedition made it to the summit. Earlier in the season an avalanche had made the route difficult and with late season snow , expeditions found conditions very difficult. Interestingly from the Chinese side the first ever climb on G11 was made successfully by an Italian expedition.

While expedition on 7000m plus barring Spantik (7027 m) where 10 out of 11 expeditions were successful, most of the 7000m summits were elusive with few success stories.


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