Dorah Pass 4300m & Lake Dufferin

dorah pass

Dorah Pass, also called Durah Pass 4300 m high, connects Chitral Khyber Pakhtunkhawa Pakistan with Badakshan province of Afghanistan . It is located along the Durand Line border deep in the Hindu Kush mountain range. Situated at the foot of the pass is Lake Dufferin, also known locally as Hawz-i Dorah. The lake is roughly 23⁄4 miles long by over 1/4 miles broad. 

Dorah Pass became important during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan because the Soviets were unable to stop the flow of arms and men back and forth across the pass. Almost the entire Munji-speaking population of Afghanistan fled across the border to Chitral during the War in Afghanistan. Amongst them was the famous Ahmed Shah Masood the Lion of Pangsher who stayed in Chitral for a considerable time.

The pass descends onto the Dufferin Lake , Ishkashim and the Wakhan Corridor refered to as “ The roof of the World “. It is one of the four major passes to exit Chitral, the others are Boroghil Pass near the Kurambar lake, the Shandur Pass where the annual polo matches between Chitral and Gilgit are played and the Lowari pass into Dir.

These photographs are from a exploratory trip in 2004 when the young Ammar ul mulk 13 years old, Mekail ul Mulk 11 years accompanied by their cousins Junaid and Asad ul Mulk trekked over the Dorah pass 14000 ft to Lake Dufferin on a trout fishing trip.

The turquoise blue lake is named after Lord Dufferin Viceroy of India in 1884. Lord Dufferin handled the Panjdeh Incident of 1885 in Afghanistan, in which Russian forces encroached into Afghan territory around the Panjdeh oasis. Britain and Russia had for decades been engaged in a virtual cold war in Central Asia and India, known as the Great Game, and the Panjdeh incident threatened to precipitate a full-blown conflict. Dufferin negotiated a settlement in which Russia kept Panjdeh but relinquished the furthest territories it had taken in its advance.


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