About Hindukush Trails

Hindukush Trails started as a hobby, the spirit of adventure is what I inherited. Before I started the company in 1989 I used to spend my holidays trekking in the numerous unexplored valleys of Chitral & on the Wakhan corridor bordering Afghanistan. Adventure has been a past time with the ul Mulk family of Chitral who ruled the region for 500 years from 1456 to 1956. Later it was my grandfather His Higness Sir Shuja ul Mulk K.C.I.E who set a different pace, he ruled Chitral from 1895 to 1936 and became its first member to join the Himalayan Club in 1911. He had a characteristic love for sport, polo, falconry, shooting, chess and sitar music all came between his ambit of relaxation. The famous Col.Kenneth Mason in the 1937 issue of the Himalayan Journal, as a memoriam acknowledges His Highness Sir Shuja ul Mulk as one of its most distinguished members. The spirit of adventure continued, even at a later age my father KhushAhmed ul Mulk took a daring walk into the no man land in Afghanistan all by himself at 72 just to get a first hand look at what was happening across the border. Now at 84 he still joins in on an occasional botanical walk, my uncle Col Khushwaqt ul Mulk at 90 is still as adventurous. Siraj ul Mulk has set up one of the finest hotels in our country.

We are indigenous to the mountainous region of Northern Pakistan bordering Wakhan, Badakshan and Nuristan in Afghanistan. At the time when Hindukush Trails was launched most of Chitral was a closed area for foreign visitors. The state of affairs was inherited from the days of British India due to the areas close proximity with USSR and the Great Game. It was with some difficulty that we were able to convince the authorities that with the changes appearing on the western borders the area need not be closed to adventure travelers. These efforts gave birth to Hindukush Trails.


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